By becoming a member of the Lingualism community, you can:

  • practice your language skills with other learners and native speakers in the Groups
  • get help with Lingualism materials you’re studying in the Forums
  • gain access to the accompanying audio components
  • download your past purchases
  • earn Credits through your participation on the site to use toward future purchases.

There are two ways to sign up:

  1. If you make a purchase from the Lingualism shop, you will be prompted to set up an account at checkout.
  2. You can sign up by creating an account without making a purchase here.

You need to click on the link in the confirmation email and then a button to activate your account. 

You should receive a confirmation email immediately after you register. If you cannot find it in your inbox, it likely ended up in your junk mail folder. If you still cannot find your confirmation email, email us, and we’ll manually activate your account for you.

A common issue is that someone fills out the registration form, then immediately tries to sign in without having activated the account through the confirmation email first. Some think there is an issue with their password and try changing it, but the system won’t recognize you until the account is activated.

Do I already have membership? We just started memberships in January 2020. If you haven’t visited since then, you don’t have membership and still need to register. Previously, you may have just joined our mailing list and received a password for the audio, which we have now done away with.

If you need to reset your password, click here and enter your email address. If you signed up with that email address, you will receive a link to click, after which you will be asked to enter your NEW password TWICE. You will not need to enter your old password.

(If you’re not sure if you have previously signed up or which email address you used, search your inbox for the keyword Lingualism to see if there is a sign up confirmation email.)


  • The Lingualism Newsletter is sent periodically to keep you up to date with what’s happening on the site, new and upcoming products, and offers.
  • You can subscribe to the Newsletter by filling out the form in the footer (bottom) of the page.
  • Registering for an account on the site or making a purchase on the site does not automatically sign you up to the Newsletter.
  • You can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of a Newsletter email.

By default, notifications are turned on to let you know about activity related to you in the Activity Feed, Messages, Social Groups, and Connections. You can update your notification preferences in Social Settings → Email Preferences.

You may receive emails regarding past purchases–for example, to let you know about an updated version of a PDF eBook that is available to download.

MP3s - Audio

The free audio tracks that accompany many of our books are available to members on the corresponding book’s product page in the Lingualism Shop.
  • Sign up for free membership to our site.
  • Be sure you are logged in.
  • Navigate to the corresponding book’s product page in the Lingualism Shop and scroll down to the audio section.
  • You can download the audio as a zipped file (two files for some books) or stream the audio directly from that page.
  • If you do not have a membership account or are not logged in, the audio tracks will not be visible on the product pages.
(Audio used to be found on a page called the Audio Library; it was done away with in favor of grouping resource materials with their corresponding books.)


At checkout, you will be presented with three payment options:

  • Credit Card (Stripe)
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay

Yes. Transactions on our website are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. We do not see your credit card number as the trusted third-party company of your choice (Stripe, PayPal, or Amazon) processes your payment for us.

After your payment is processed, you will be taken a page where you can download your purchased products. Click on the download links and save the files to a secure location on your computer or cloud storage for backup.

You will also receive an email with the download links. You must be logged in on your computer’s browser in order to download by clicking the links in the email; otherwise, you will get a “This is not your download link.” error message.

You can access your past purchases anytime via My Account → Downloads.

Orders that were placed before you set up your membership account on our new website, unfortunately, do not automatically link to your new account.

We will try to check new accounts for past orders and manually link them as soon as possible. Please wait 24 hours after registering an account before you contact us about this issue.

If you placed past orders using a different email address, please let us know as soon as possible; otherwise, we will not know to link them to your account.


Join Groups for the languages that you are learning.

Each Group has a Feed where you can practice your language with other learners and native speakers. This area is for practicing, so please try to use the target language and refrain from using English or other languages. (In the Forums, you can use English to discuss the target language.)

Forums / Discussions

In the Forums, you can discuss issues about languages (grammar, vocabulary, etc.) in English. Ask questions and help others by answering questions. 

Each Language Forum has Subforums for Lingualism materials. If you have a question about specific content, please post it in the relevant Subforum rather than the main Language Forums.

There are also forums for Our Website and Our Products / Projects where you can bring up issues, report problems, as well as give feedback and suggestions for improvements or future materials.


If you follow someone, you will see their activity in your personal Activity Feed.

You can follow another member of the site (learner, moderator, or administrator) by clicking the “Follow” button on their profile page.

Connections / Follows

A connection is akin to a “friend” on Facebook. After a connect request is accepted by the other person, you can communicate through private messages.

Visit the profile page of the person you want to send a connect request to. You will see a “Connect” button near their profile photo, which you click on once. They will receive a notification and email that you have sent a connect request. If they accept the request, you will then be able to send private messages to each other.

You can “connect” with a maximum of 20 other learners in the Lingualism community.

No, you cannot “connect” with moderators or administrators, but you can publicly interact with them  in the Group Feeds and Forums.

If you follow someone, you will see their activity in your personal Activity Feed.

You can follow another member of the site (learner, moderator, or administrator) by clicking the “Follow” button on their profile page.

Stars / Credits

Stars are points you can earn through your activity on the site. They are meant to motivate you to practice the language(s) you are learning regularly, interact with others,  and contribute to the community by leaving comments, reviews, and participating in the Forums.

As a bonus, for earning enough Stars, you will be rewarded with Credits that you can apply toward purchases. However, it is hoped that you won’t make earning Credits a focus. Your contributions to the site should be genuine in order to remain eligible for Credits. For example, if you post repetitive or nonsense content with the obvious intent just to earn Stars, you may be banned from the program.


12 Star Awards

  • 500 Stars for activating your membership
  • 300 Stars for setting your first profile photo
  • 50 Stars for visiting the website this week
  • 25 Stars for posting an activity stream message today
  • 25 Stars for posting a group activity stream message today
  • 25 Stars for replying to an activity stream message today
  • 100 Stars for getting 5 likes on an activity stream message
  • 50 Stars for creating a new forum topic (limited to 5 per day)
  • 25 Stars for replying to a forum topic (limited to 10 per day)
  • 100 Stars when 5 people favorite a forum topic that you posted
  • 100 Stars for commenting on a post (limited to 10 per month)
  • 500 Stars for reviewing a product (limited to your first 10 reviews)

You earn one Credit for every 1,000 Stars earned. One Credit is worth $1, which can be applied toward purchases from the Lingualism Shop. Credits are not redeemable for cash.

At checkout, you can choose to redeem some or all of your Credits up to 50% of the order total. For example, if you are buying a product for $9.99, and you have six Credits, you can use up to five Credits. Using five credits would bring the total down to $4.99.