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Mohamed tells us about the contest he entered at work. Do you think he’ll win?

انا بشتغل فى اتصالات و دى شركه من اكبر شركات الاتصالات فى العالم. اتصالات دايما بيفكروا فى افكار جديده يجذبوا بيها العملا بتوعهم، و كمان بيفكروا دايما فى الموظفين بتوعهم ازاى يحفزوهم و يخلوهم عندهم حب للعمل و افكار جديده تجيب عملا جدد و دخل للشركه. اتصالات كانت الراعى الرسمى للنادى الاهلى، و ده للى ميعرفوش اكبر نادى فى مصر و عنده اكبر جمهور. و الشراكه دى استمرت من اول انطلاق شركة اتصالات مصر لحد السنه دى، اللى حصل ان فودافون (الشركه المنافسه لاتصالات) فازت بعقد الرعايه للنادى الاهلى و اعلانات شركة فودافون كلها بقت عن النادى الاهلى. اتصالات قررت انها ترد الضربه و اعلنت انها بقت الراعى الرسمى لنادى من اكبر النوادى فى العالم و هوا نادى برشلونه، و نزلت بحمله دعائيه كبيره جداً للموضوع ده و عشان تحفز الموظفيين بتوعها قررت انها تعملهم مسابقه مبتكره جداً. المسابقه عباره انك تاخد صوره لنفسك مع لوجو نادى برشلونه و لوجو اتصالات مع هاشتاج Play_Big# و تعملها بوست على السوشيال ميديا زى فيسبوك و انستجرام و اكتر صوره هتاخد معجبين صاحبها هيسافر برشلونه على حساب الشركه. المسابقه كان ليها هدفين: الهدف الاول ان الموظفين يعملوا دعايه و ترويج لاتصالت و الهدف التانى ان الموظفين يحسوا بالشراكه دى و يحبوا الشركه اكتر.

I work at Etisalat, which is one of the top telecom companies in the world. Etisalat is always thinking of new ideas to attract customers, and they’re always thinking about how to engage their employees, as well, and instill in them a love for their work and make them come up with new ideas to bring in new customers and revenue for the company. Etisalat was the official sponsor for Al-Ahly club. And it is, for those of you who don’t know, the top soccer team in Egypt with the largest numbers of fans. This partnership had lasted from the launch of Etisalat Egypt until this year when Vodafone (Etisalat’s competitor) won the sponsorship contract for Al-Ahly and Vodafone commercials were all about Al-Ahly club. Etisalat decided to hit back and announced that it has become the official sponsor of one of the biggest clubs in the world: Barcelona! It came out with really big publicity campaigns about this, and to inspire its employees, it decided to make a very innovative competition for them. The competition was that you should take a photo for yourself with the logo of Barcelona and Etisalat and post it on social media like Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #Play_Big. And the photo which will get the most number of ‘likes’ wins a trip to Barcelona paid for by the company. The competition had 2 goals: the first one was for employees to make some good publicity and promotion for Etisalat. And the second goal was for employees to feel more engaged and love the company.

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