Beginning Learner’s Egyptian Arabic Dictionary

Beginning Learner’s Egyptian Arabic Dictionary

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PDF eBook


179 pages




A1, A2, B1

  • Over 1,400 common words, phrases, and expressions
  • Over 1,700 example sentences with translations
  • Grammar and usage notes
  • English-Arabic Index
  • Phonemic Transcription Index

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The Beginning Learner’s Egyptian Arabic Dictionary is the perfect tool for anyone looking to build their core vocabulary and understanding of the language. With over 1,400 common words, phrases, and expressions, as well as over 1,700 example sentences with translations, this dictionary is not just a reference but a self-study tool. The grammar and usage notes are a great help for learners, and the English-Arabic Index and Phonemic Transcription Index make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Scroll down to download or stream the free accompanying audio, which includes all headwords and example sentences from the dictionary.

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Beginning Learner’s Egyptian Arabic Dictionary

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One thing you can’t miss in Egypt, it is the country cafés ilʔahāwi -lbáladi القهاوي البلدي. There is approximately over 100,000 country cafés in Egypt. It is something

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Yomna tells us about the Sacrifice Feast in Egypt while teaching us some interesting words and phrases related to the holiday in Egyptian Arabic.

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Even locals can get lost in a city as big as Cairo. How does Mostafa find his way?


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