Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Salman and Captain America

Salman, age 7, has a story for us. What was Captain America’s fate?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Visiting the Dreaded Mogamma in Tahrir

If you’ve ever had the “pleasure” of visiting the dreaded Mogamma, you’ll empathize with Ahmed and understand why he had to make three trips just to get one document issued.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Alaa in Nubia

Alaa falls in love with Nubia and its culture. But what about the crocodiles?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

My Friend’s Big Day

Alaa’s best friend had to defend her thesis to receive her Master’s degree. Was she successful?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Darwin at the Library

Ahmed didn’t get much studying done before the exam. What distracted him? And how was the exam?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Hamza in Hurghada

Hamza (age 7) tells us about a recent family trip to Hurghada (on the Red Sea coast of Egypt). Hamza is the son of Yomna, a regular contributor to the blog and Lingualism publications.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Origami in Cairo

Yomna and her sons broaden their cultural horizons.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Play Big

Mohamed tells us about the contest he entered at work. Do you think he’ll win?

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Mostafa Ahmed hosts a new 32-part series of free video lessons to help you with the materials in the Arabic Voices books. In Arabic Voices, participants from various countries share about themselves and their cultures speaking in their local dialects in some segments and in MSA in others. A principal feature of Arabic Voices is

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