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As you know, at Lingualism, our main mission is to offer top-notch learning resources tailored for self-study. We strive to empower individuals who are passionate

Arabic Misc.

Netflix Show: Mo

Learn Arabic and Palestinian culture with Mo, a Netflix comedy-drama series featuring authentic dialogue and diverse themes. Enjoy Arabic subtitles and dubbing options for the best learning experience. Don’t miss out on this inspiring show.

Modern Standard Arabic

Exploring Common Arabic Idioms and Proverbs about Money

Explore fascinating Arabic proverbs and idioms related to money, revealing cultural values and offering insights into financial wisdom, while enriching your language learning journey.

The “Random” series

We’ve just published the first two eBooks in a new series named “Random,” and as the name implies, each book is a collection of unrelated

Modern Standard Arabic

The Glottal Stop in Arabic

The glottal stop isn’t unique to Arabic. Your language has it, too. By becoming aware of what it really is, you will have no trouble pronouncing the glottal stop in Arabic.

New Arabic Readers

I’m happy to announce we’ve added fifteen new Modern Standard Arabic Readers to our catalog. These are translations of the Levantine Arabic Readers series. Along

Product Videos

I’ve added videos to our eBooks’ product pages featuring Ahmad ElKhodary (for Arabic) and Oksana Baranova (for Russian), two respected, well-known teachers of their respective

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On, we sell digital products only. Our books are available for purchase as PDF eBooks. But our books are also available in paperback on

Optimized PDF Files

I’ve optimized the PDF files for (nearly) all Lingualism eBooks. There should be no noticeable difference in the quality of images etc. in the PDFs.