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    Dalida's world is turned upside down one day when she meets her doppelgänger. Who is this stranger? Or is she a stranger at all?

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    In British Colonial Egypt, Officer Qassem Sultan Afifi is sent to Alexandria to investigate the death of an Englishman. But will his own past be dug up in the process?

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    Alaa has two loves–his guitar and Rana, a girl at school who barely knows he exists. Will one love lead to the other? Or is Alaa's fate to love the...

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    "Quickly! The guests are about to arrive!" Hana is nervous. A suitor (potentially her future husband!) and his family are coming to discuss marriage. Hana's gone quiet on the outside,...

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    Tariq has lost all hope of ever winning a soccer match against their rival... that is, until a small friend discovers a secret–the secret of success!

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    It's 2011 and Egypt is ripe for change. Hopeful citizens are pouring into the streets. Mariam, an aspiring journalist, finds herself in the center of the excitement, in Tahrir Square,...

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    In the blink of an eye, Ali's life changed. He was now living in a silent world. And what kind of world is that for a musician?

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    When a fisherman makes a valuable discovery, he finds himself facing a moral dilemma. And his decisions lead him on an adventure he wasn't anticipating.

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    There's an Egyptian proverb that says 'a dog's tail cannot be straightened.' It means that people cannot change. But maybe they can... with the help of a furry, four-legged friend.

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