Arabic Learner’s Dictionary

Arabic Learner’s Dictionary

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With over 17,000 Arabic words and phrases, the Lingualism Arabic Learner’s Dictionary is the must-have reference for all learners. The dictionary offers a clear, learner-friendly layout and includes valuable tables, maps, and photos. References to verb conjugation are modeled in the companion series Modern Standard Arabic Verbs.

Specifically designed for learners of Modern Standard Arabic, the Lingualism Arabic Learner’s Dictionary presents the language as it is actually used by Arabs today. The dictionary includes recent additions to Modern Standard Arabic, as well as foreign borrowings.

The vocabulary covered in the dictionary has been taken from a variety of sources to include words and phrases likely to appear in learners’ course books, as well as modern literature and the media, for a total of over 17,000 Arabic words and phrases.

One of the significant advantages of this dictionary is its user-friendliness. Although entries are arranged according to their roots (in the original edition), which can prove challenging for learners, various aids and strategies are presented to assist in finding the sought entry efficiently, including an alphabetical index of hard-to-find roots and a table on the back cover to assist in pinpointing a root’s page number quickly.

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A wealth of information related to the headword is included: plural and elative forms, conjugations, grammatical structures, compound nouns, common phrases, idioms, and proverbs, as well as example sentences when required to make the usage or meaning clear.

Dozens of photos illustrate cultural and religious concepts. The dictionary also contains geographical information, including maps for each Arabic-speaking country, as well as entries for most countries, their capitals, and large cities throughout the world. Verb entries contain table references, which can be found in the dictionary’s companion book Modern Standard Arabic Verbs Conjugation Tables.

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5 reviews for Arabic Learner’s Dictionary

  1. Eric

    A lot easier to use than Hans Wehr. I use it in class every day.

  2. Shann

    I love it! Perfect dictionary for me.

  3. Jan

    Jan (verified owner)

    Compact dictionary, right-size for many. Handy references to conjugation tables in a companion book. I like it very much!

  4. Ghol

    Ghol (verified owner)

    It’s great concise dictionary.
    I was skeptical about this dictionary, and I wish I had bought it much earlier.

    Anyway, I think it’s time to get its update after a decade.

    Thank you

  5. Aaron


    A perfect dictionary for people learning Arabic – great examples and very thoughtfully laid out. Highly recommend!

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