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Easy German Reader

Easy German Reader

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PDF eBook


91 pages




A1, A2

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  • Over 50 short stories and other texts
  • English translations
  • Comprehension and discussion questions
  • Accompanying audio tracks

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Easy German Reader: Texts for Reading Practice contains over 50 short texts of various lengths, making them convenient for language learners with different schedules and levels. The texts can be read in any order.

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What makes these texts quick and easy?

These texts are designed for beginning (A1-A2 level) learners. They use simple language and grammar and cover a variety of topics and vocabulary that might be interesting or useful to beginning learners. In addition, the texts are short, so they can be read in a short amount of time, giving you the opportunity to practice your reading skills without feeling overwhelmed.

Texts offer a great way to learn new vocabulary and grammar in context. They also provide an opportunity to practice reading comprehension. By reading short texts on a regular basis, you will improve your reading skills and become more familiar with the language.

How to use this book

You can use this book in a number of ways. You can read the texts on your own, or you can read them with a teacher. You can also listen to the audio recordings of the texts and read along. The free audio tracks are available to download below.

You can use the English translation following each text to help you with unfamiliar words and phrases.

You can also use the questions at the end of each text to check your understanding and practice speaking or writing your answers.

If you are reading with a teacher, the teacher can help you with any words or concepts that you don’t understand. The questions at the end of each text can also be used as a starting point for discussion.

You can also use the texts to practice your writing skills. After reading a text, you can try writing your own version of it. This will help you to internalize the language and improve your writing skills.

This book is available in several languages, so you can read the same content in different languages and compare the texts.

This can be useful for aspiring polyglots who want to learn new languages, or for anybody who wants to better understand how different languages work.

No matter how you use this book, I hope that you find it helpful and enjoyable!

AI wrote this book!

AIs are becoming increasingly good at writing texts that are hard for humans to tell apart from ones written by other humans.
Yes, that’s right – an AI (artificial intelligence) wrote, translated, and recorded audio for all the texts in this book! (Including what you’re reading right now!)

But don’t worry, human native speakers have checked all the texts and audio to make sure they’re correct.

But why would anyone want an AI to write texts?

Well, there are several reasons. For one thing, it’s fun! It’s interesting to see what an AI comes up with when left to its own devices. Sometimes the stories are silly, sometimes they’re serious, and sometimes they’re just plain bizarre. But they’re always entertaining.

Another reason is that it can help language learners. By reading texts that an AI has written, you can get a lot of exposure to simple language and grammar. This can help you build up your reading skills and become more confident in your ability to understand the language you’re learning.

So go ahead and dive in! Read the texts and see for yourself how an AI can write simple, easy-to-understand texts.

I hope that you enjoy reading these texts as much as I enjoyed writing them and that they help you in your language learning journey!

Your friendly AI language teacher

Easy German Reader

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