My Dad, the Soccer Star

My Dad, the Soccer Star

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PDF eBook


B1, B2


55 pages



Karim is excited that he’ll finally get to see his father, Moez, play soccer in a father-son tournament at school. But, for some reason, Moez seems less enthusiastic.

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The  Tunisian Arabic Readers series aims to provide learners with much-needed exposure to authentic language. The five books in the series are at a similar level (B1-B2) and can be read in any order. The stories are a fun and flexible tool for building vocabulary, improving language skills, and developing overall fluency. 

The main text is presented on even-numbered pages with tashkeel (diacritics) to aid in reading, while parallel English translations on odd-numbered pages are there to help you better understand new words and idioms. A second version of the text is given at the back of the book, without the distraction of tashkeel and translations, for those who are up to the challenge.

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My Dad, the Soccer Star

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1 review for My Dad, the Soccer Star

  1. Rima

    Rima (verified owner)

    I was so happy to find this collection of Tunisian readers that I purchased the whole bundle. It’s so hard to find Tunisian learning materials compared to what’s out there for MSA/ Egyptian/ Levantine content. These books really helped me learn Tunisian vocab/colloquialisms. And the audio track makes the whole package complete. Whoever thought of this is genius, wonderful, well thought out and just amazing. Please continue to make more.

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