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Need-to-Know Spanish Verbs 1

Need-to-Know Spanish Verbs 1

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114 pages




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  • 50 ‘mind map’ conjugation tables of the most common verbs used in everyday Spanish
  • Conjugation and translation exercises
  • Four hours of accompanying audio (of all conjugations and exercises)

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Spanish conjugation tables can be quite dry and boring, but they don’t have to be!

Need-to-Know Spanish Verbs presents them in a fun and colorful way, using a layout inspired by mind maps. With these ‘mind map’ tables, you can see at a glance all the different ways to conjugate a verb in Spanish. They’re easy to follow and understand, and they’ll help you memorize the conjugations more quickly and efficiently.

Inside, you’ll find tables for the fifty most common, essential verbs used in Spanish today. Each table is followed by a guide to the verb’s meaning and usage and also exercises to help you master the conjugations and use them correctly in context. Both the conjugation tables and the exercises appear on the free accompanying audio tracks.

The exercises are aimed at elementary and intermediate learners who have some previous knowledge of Spanish grammar and how to use various verb tenses. But even beginning learners will find the tables and accompanying audio useful to gain a solid foundation in Spanish by memorizing common verb forms needed in everyday communication.

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Need-to-Know Spanish Verbs 1

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