One Thousand and One Nights (Intermediate – Egyptian Arabic)

One Thousand and One Nights (Intermediate – Egyptian Arabic)

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Explore the enchanting tales of the Arabian Nights while learning Egyptian Arabic with this intermediate-level book.

  • diacritic-marked text
  • English translations
  • comprehension questions
  • professional audio

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Dive deeper into the enchanting world of the Arabic language with engaging narratives specially selected for the intermediate-level learner. With “One Thousand and One Nights for Intermediate Egyptian Arabic Language Learners,” you continue your exhilarating journey into language learning at a pace set just right for learners who’ve crossed the elementary stage.

This book is crafted to cater to adult learners of Egyptian Arabic who are ready to expand their vocabulary, enhance their language retention, and delve deeper into linguistic structures. Our methodology features slightly longer, more intricate stories that can still be conveniently tackled in one study session, maintaining a balance between complexity and accessibility – making it an excellent choice for learners ready to take their language skills to the next level.

If you find the language and vocabulary in this intermediate-level book challenging, consider starting with our Elementary version. This earlier edition presents the same captivating stories in a simpler format, offering a more gradual introduction to vocabulary and language structures. Working through the Elementary book before progressing to our Intermediate version can smooth your language learning journey, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and paving the way for a more rewarding experience with the more intricate language features in this Intermediate version.

  • Arabic Text with Diacritics: Each story is written with diacritical marks, guiding learners towards accurate pronunciation and providing clarity in reading.
  • Professional Audio Accompaniment: The book is accompanied by high-quality, slow-paced audio readings from a professional voice artist, providing auditory reinforcement to the written text (available to download and stream below).
  • Interactive Comprehension Questions and Answers: Reinforce your understanding of the stories and language constructs with comprehension questions and answers that follow each chapter.
  • English Translations: We’ve included English translations of the stories to support comprehension and provide a helpful reference tool.

Experience the richness of Arabic language and culture with captivating stories that make your learning journey both enjoyable and rewarding. “One Thousand and One Nights for Intermediate Egyptian Arabic Language Learners” is the perfect companion for your continued Arabic language learning adventure.

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One Thousand and One Nights (Intermediate – Egyptian Arabic)

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3 reviews for One Thousand and One Nights (Intermediate – Egyptian Arabic)



    liked the audio linked to written text. excellent listening practice

  2. Onica


    This is amazing! I have loved this website ever since I discovered it years ago, and this one the best books so far because it is read in Egyptian dialect unlike most books that are in MSA, read at an intermediate level, and they speak at a pace slow enough to pronounce the words, but fast enough to still understand in context. A famous story that can now be told in a wonderful way. I just love it! Highly recommend this book

  3. Massive Hero

    Massive Hero (verified owner)

    I should say that I am a disappointed. I know that this is intended for language learning more than for enjoyment, but I can’t help but think that these stories could have been written better. It feels as if I am reading the same story over and over again with many of these stories. If you are expecting a retelling of One Thousand and One Nights adapted for language learners, this will not do it. Also, a glossary of vocabulary and highlights of grammatical points would have been appreciated.

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