Random Russian A1 (Book 1)

Random Russian A1 (Book 1)

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  • 250 beginning-level sentences
  • English translations
  • Accompanying audio tracks

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Random Russian A1 (Book 1) is the perfect resource for elementary learners looking to improve their fluency and vocabulary.  This book is a random collection of level-appropriate sentences that will help you to build fluency and learn new vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. The first are short and gradually get longer. It contains 250 sentences, each numbered for easy reference.

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Each sentence appears in Russian with stress marks (accent marks) followed by an English translation.

The corresponding track number and time stamp are provided for each sentence, allowing you to easily match the audio with the text.

The sentences in this book are randomly selected and do not cover all vocabulary for the A1 level, but the repetition of similar structures and vocabulary is intentional to aid in fluency and vocabulary building.

Random Russian is not just a book to read and listen to, but also a tool to actively practice and improve your language skills. As you work through the sentences, try making variations by changing the persons, places, and objects in each sentence. Practice making negative sentences and try to adapt them to be true for yourself. This book is designed to be interactive and to be used in a way that works best for you. So don’t be afraid to experiment and make the sentences your own. The more you practice, the more you’ll find your fluency and vocabulary growing.

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Random Russian A1 (Book 1)

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1 review for Random Russian A1 (Book 1)

  1. Kosu

    Kosu (verified owner)

    Thanks for your great job with Random series!! I just bought Russian and Ukrainian Version of this series. This is what I wanted!! PDF can be easily used with a smartphone, because the size of fonts is big enough. So I can use this pdf like flash card. Repetition of vocabularies, simpleness of sentences, conversation friendliness are all good. And the price is also user friendly ^^. I feel I can continue using without any difficulties.

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