Mido in Levantine Arabic Bundle

Mido in Levantine Arabic Bundle

Mido: In Levantine Arabic

Mido and his family invite you to join them on their everyday adventures in Beirut as you listen and read along, learning about life for modern Lebanese while improving your Levantine Arabic.

Ideal for young-at-heart adult intermediate and advanced learners of Levantine Arabic, this book contains 10 chapters of similar length (around 1,000 words each), along with illustrations, English translations, and footnotes.

This purchase includes three PDF eBook files:

  1. Mido in Levantine Arabic (the original with voweled texts)
  2. Mido in Levantine Arabic (with unvoweled texts)
  3. Mido in Levantine Arabic Glossary (vocabulary lists by page and alphabetically)
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Mido in Levantine Arabic: ANKI Flashcards

Over 1,300 flashcards with audio. Use Anki's SRS (spaced repetition system) to study the vocabulary from Mido in Levantine Arabic.

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