Palestinian Arabic Verbs


Palestinian Arabic Verbs

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Palestinian Arabic Verbs presents 100+ conjugation tables with example sentences, a grammar reference, and indexes with 750 verbs that can be conjugated using the conjugation tables as models.

Palestinian Arabic Verbs will help learners of all levels master verb conjugation as well as natural pronunciation.

  • 100+ conjugation tables of some of the most common verbs (and ‘pseudo-verb’ prepositional phrases) used in daily language.
  • Phonemic transcription alongside the Arabic script in the conjugation tables to aid in accurate pronunciation and help learners get used to Arabic script as written for the dialect.
  • Usage notes.
  • Example sentences under each conjugation table with the verbs in various persons and tenses, demonstrating different meanings and idiomatic uses.
  • Downloadable audio tracks contain all conjugated verb forms in all tables and example sentences spoken by a native speaker from Gaza, Palestine, available below to stream or download free of charge.
  • Grammar reference for Palestinian Arabic verbs (forms and uses of tenses and moods, negative verbs, compound tenses, etc.)
  • Indexes with 750 more verbs that can be conjugated using the conjugation tables as models.

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  1. Adrian

    ordered a paper copy from amazon, I have really enjoyed previous lingualism material such as the Levantine beginner dictionary, Arabic voices, Mido, and Egyptian reader series, this will be my first verb table book, a more minute look at the language

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