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Arabic Verbs Will Roll off Your Tongue Fluently

Arabic verb conjugation. Did you heave a sigh as you read those three words? Arabic verbs are arguably the most complicated part of Arabic grammar. Whereas an English verb has five morphological forms (for example, write, writes, wrote, written, writing), an Arabic verb has several dozen. And this is true for both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and dialects. In Arabic, a verb is inflected to indicate tense and mood, as well as to agree with its subject in person, number, and often gender. Negative verb forms also require the addition of prefixes and suffixes in many dialects, such as...

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Learn Arabic with BBC Xtra

BBC Xtra is the flagship daily 2 hour live magazine programme on BBC Arabic, driving social and human interest issues onto the main news agenda of the Arabic Service. In a fast, energetic and relaxed style, BBC Xtra tackles difficult and controversial social affairs, as well as arts, literature and sports. BBC Xtra has a strong interactive element, where listeners contribute with their viewpoints on all topics by phone, SMS and e-mails. I love BBC Xtra. It provides me with a daily dose of listening (and reading–I’ll get to that later) practice. I often listen to it at the...

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4 Reasons Learning Arabic is Easy… and 4 Reasons It Is Not

Okay… Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I can’t decide either. So let’s just alternate between the two. There. Everyone’s happy!   Arabic is Grammatically Similar to European Languages… Kinda Arabic does not belong to the European language family, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it might. Now, I’m going to assume you have all studied at least one European language in the past, be it a Romance language, Germanic or Slavic. (And if your first attempt at learning a foreign language is Arabic, may God help you! … Oh wait, I’m supposed to...

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New Book: Shuwayya ‘An Nafsi

اسمك ايه؟ What’s your name? That’s a pretty basic question most learners of Egyptian Arabic can answer pretty easily. But can you expand upon your answer? What does your name mean? Do you like it and why? In Shuwayya ‘An Nafsi you can see how native speakers of Egyptian Arabic answer this question and many more by going beyond a simple answer and adding details. You will learn common patterns, useful expressions, and of course a variety of vocabulary. By studying how native speakers phrase their responses, mimicking the responses while adjusting them into personal truths, you will develop skills...

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Robert K.Washington, D.C., USA
Congratulations for the fantastic job you are doing with the teaching of "real" Arabic. I studied in Egypt and I recognize a good teaching method... yours is outstanding.
Frances M.San Francisco, USA
Matthew, you have done an excellent job with this whole project at Lingualism.  I couldn't be more pleased.  The books are excellent and reasonably priced.  The free downloadable resources are very useful. And now, the MP3s free as well?!!  Everything you have provided is really helping me to finally be able to progress with my Egyptian Arabic learning.  I have really struggled, but now it is getting last.
Alfred W.Vancouver, Canada
The books are exceptionally good. I wish I had had your advice on MSA versus colloquial Arabic when I first started learning Arabic.
Adhitiya M.Bekasi, Indonesia
Your books on Egyptian Colloquial Arabic are a real breakthrough! They have helped me learn ECA much faster and more efficiently than other books of the same topic. Thank you so much for helping me and other Arabic language enthusiasts!
Giancarlo G.Rome, Italy
Thanks a lot for your wonderful job. You are really doing a lot for foreign students of Arabic who are confronted with a harsh reality... that of having to learn two languages, one written and one spoken.
Colin G.St. Helens, England
I love the materials… I'm a language tutor, including Spanish and Arabic, and have found your books and audio very useful with my intermediate students.
Yvonne H.Amstelveen, Netherlands
I am very happy with the Egyptian Arabic spoken texts. Thank you very much for your help.
Jim D.Berkshire, England
I wanted to thank you for making available the items on your BLOG. The texts and audio are a wonderful resource for a learner like myself. As a 67-year-old individual learner, without a tutor, I appreciate...
Alastair M.Glasgow, Scotland
I have just taken receipt of your new book from Amazon. I am so looking forward to working my way through it like your other Egyptian books. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Benedikt R.Munich, Germany
Thank you for the great learning resources you developed, they helped my a lot!
Khalid I.Washington D.C., USA
I have got pretty much everything that Lingualism has published on Egyptian Arabic, plus your Modern Standard Arabic dictionary and verb books. Your stuff is excellent, and you have put all us learners in your debt.
Greg K.Monterey, USA
I'm in an Egyptian Arabic class and everything is spot on. This is super useful to boost vocabulary and it's invaluable having native recordings.
Pascal L.Laval, France
Lingualism's books provide just what serious students of Arabic are in need of: a gateway to the Arab world with authentic, exciting and lively material that does help us to make progress! Highly and sincerely recommended!

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