A little over a year ago, I introduced several interactive features (groups, forums, activity feeds, writing prompts, awards) to the website with the hope that we could build a community of learners here. I thought learners using Lingualism materials would appreciate dedicated forums for the materials where they could ask questions and get help from native speakers. I hired three native speakers to moderate and help in the forums and groups. However, after a year of little activity and interest in these features, I’ve decided to remove them from the website. Updating and maintaining the features and dealing with technical issues was also taking away time I could be spending developing new materials to publish. Fortunately, we’ve found more success with our Facebook groups for Egyptian Arabic, Levantine Arabic, and Tunisian Arabic, so those have now taken the place of the website’s groups and forums–a place where learners can get help and interact with others. The Stars and Credits program has also been retired. Those who had earned credits will be receiving an email with coupon codes to use their credits toward future purchases.


  1. What a shame. While I understand the change, I think I’m in the minority who doesn’t have Facebook (or any other social network). I hope that it is something that is reintroduced in the future, as I felt I benefited a lot from the forums – and would even mention them to the students I tutored.

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