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My name is Matthew Aldrich. I am a teacher, author, and language enthusiast. I have created the eBooks and other materials on Lingualism.com in an effort to provide quality learning materials for learners of Arabic, and more recently Spanish and Russian. I tend to focus on materials for spoken varieties of Arabic, especially Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and Levantine Colloquial Arabic. I hope my contributions help others in their pursuit of mastering foreign languages.

20 YouTube Channels for Learning Russian (Elementary)

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite channels on Youtube that have helped me get through the elementary level or that I wish I had known about when I was an elementary learner.

Arabic Readers

Today I published the last title in the Levantine Arabic Readers series! So, we now have three series with fifteen books each: Egyptian Arabic, Levantine Arabic, and Modern Standard Arabic. I started the Arabic Readers project with Egyptian Arabic.  All of the writers were from the Cairo and Delta regions, where the dialect is rather

Back to Basics

A little over a year ago, I introduced several interactive features (groups, forums, activity feeds, writing prompts, awards) to the website with the hope that we could build a community of learners here. I thought learners using Lingualism materials would appreciate dedicated forums for the materials where they could ask questions and get help from

Modern Standard Arabic

Using an Arabic Dictionary: Tips for Learners

So, you’ve decided to study Arabic. From the get-go, you’re confronted with a number of challenges. You knew, of course, that you would have to learn to read and write a completely new alphabet… from right to left, no less. You undoubtedly realized early on that Arabic has several difficult sounds–the glottal stop, the emphatic

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