Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Ayat’s Ramadan

Ayat tells us about gifts, decorations, and traditions during Ramadan.

Egyptian Arabic

Happy Father’s Day

Here’s a great video I once found about Father’s Day. Good listening practice for Egyptian Arabic.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

A Trip to Luxor

Yomna tells us about why she loves “the dark, beautiful land” of Luxor and Aswan.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

A Musical Evening

Mohamed tells us about a night of playing music with his friends. What kind of music do they play?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries


Amr was a start student in high school. How is he doing in college? And how does he feel about the upcoming midterms?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Yomna’s Birthday

As Yomna reaches a milestone, she reflects on her life. What has she learned from the past, and what does she want to do in the future?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Winter in Alexandria

Mohamed tells us what he likes about winter, and how it is special in Alexandria.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

A Trip to the Zoo

Yomna tells us about a recent trip to the zoo with her sons and a lonely lion that makes her think.