20 YouTube Channels for Learning Russian (Elementary)

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite channels on Youtube that have helped me get through the elementary level or that I wish I had known about when I was an elementary learner.


Russian Roots: лиц/лич (face)

Today I would like to show you how productive the root лич/лиц (face) is and share some frequently used collocations and idioms in which the derivatives of this root are used. Поехали!


Using the Beginning Learner’s Russian Dictionary

Get to know the Beginning Learner’s Russian Dictionary. Take a look at the organization of the entries and the wealth of lexical and grammatical information the dictionary contains.


The Basics of Russian Pronunciation

To pronounce Russian correctly, you first need to know the sounds represented by the letters of the Russian alphabet, both consonants and vowels.

The Latest News from Lingualism

The “Random” series

We’ve just published the first two eBooks in a new series named “Random,” and as the name implies, each book is a collection of unrelated sentences at the given level, with audio and English translations. Simple concept–and the idea is to provide lots of language in digestible chunks that you can study according to your

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Latest Release

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