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اللى انتو شايفينها قدامكو دى فى الصوره عربيتى القديمه، بعد ما طلعت من حادثه رهيبه انا و صحابى. الحادثه دى حصلت و كان راكب معايا كل صحابى و رايحين نشترى شوية حاجات نقصانه قبل ما نطلع رحله كنا مخططينها. الظريف فى الموضوع ان انا ده كان تالت مره ليا اسوق فيها! اللى حصل ببساطه شديده ان انا كنت ماشى بسرعه كبيره و كنت نازل من نزلايه من غير ما اهدى. و كمان كنت بحاول اعدى من عربيه من على يمينها، فا فجأه لقيت تاكسى واقف بينزل واحد. فا حودت تانى شمال و ساعتها فقدت السيطره. العربيه بقت عامله زى الغساله مره واحده و عماله تروح يمين و شمال. و مره واحده راحت طالعه فوق السور و ماشيه بجنبها لحد ما خبطت فى عمود نور و رحت نازل على التاكسى اللى كان واقف. و المصيبه ان كان فيه واحد نازل منه و بيحاسب طيرته من غير ما ياخد باله. الحمد لله الحادثه دى كان ممكن نموت فيها كلنا، بس ربنا كان رحيم بينا و محدش حصله حاجه، غير واحد من صحابى لما شاف عمود النور جاى عليه بسرعه حط ايده على الازاز فا اتعور. (بس ده بسبب غبائه، انا مليش دعوه.) نصيحتى لكل الناس اللى بتسوق بسرعه، ارجوكم خلى بالكو على حياتكو و على حياة الناس اللى بتركب معاكو.

What you see in front of you in this picture is my old car after my friends and I got into a terrible accident. The accident happened while all my friends were riding with me, going to buy some stuff we needed before we set out on a trip we had been planning. The funny thing is that this was [just] the third time for me behind the wheel! What happened simply is that I was driving too fast and was going past a ramp and I did not slowdown in addition to that I was trying to get past a car from its right when suddenly I saw a taxi dropping someone off right in front of me. So I veered left again and lost control. Suddenly, it was like the car had turned into a washing machine, and kept kept going right and left. And suddenly it jumped up onto the fence and moved along it until it hit a street light and I crashed into the taxi that had stopped. The worst part is that there was someone getting out of it and paying the fare who I sent flying before he knew what was happening. Thank God! We all could have died in this accident. But God was merciful toward us and nothing happened to anyone, except for one of my friends. When he saw the street light fast approaching, he put his hand against the glass and hurt it. (But that was his foolishness; I had nothing to do with it.) My advice to everyone who drives fast: Please take care with your life and the lives of the people riding with you.


  1. Great stories for gaining more knowledge in the Egyptian Arabic language. I appreciate the translations too! Thank you for a great website. The best yet for improving your Egyptian Arabic!!

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