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Mostafa traveled around the world without leaving Cairo. But how?

بعد نهاية كل اسبوع اكيد بفكر فى حاجة جديدة اعملها. وبالصدفة لقيت حدث شباب عاملينو اسمهم اينج بريك. الحدث اسمو لتعارفوا. عجبنى الاسم و سألتهم هيعملوا ايه فى الحدث ده، قالولى ان هما هيتكلموا عن بلاد مختلفة علشان نعرف ثقافاتهم و حضاراتهم. و البلاد كانت البرازيل و كوريا الجنوبية و الصين و الهند و جنوب افريقيا. طبعا الموضوع شدنى جدا بما ان انا بحب السفر و كده. رحت الحدث اللى كان رائع جدا بالنسبالى. المكان اللى كانوا مختارينه كان مكان اثرى اسمو وكالة الغورى. و انت على الباب بتسجل، و بعد كده بيديك تذكرة شبه تذكرة الطيارة. و عليها بلد من البلاد اللى هيتكلموا عنها. و يختمهالك من على المكتب. و كمان مقسمين الكراسى جوا زى الطيارة و تذكرتك بيبقى موجود عليها مكانك. رغم ان هما بدأوا متأخر لكن استمتعت جدا. شفت ناس صينين و واحد منهم طلع بيعرف يتكلم عربى. و عرفنا حاجات جميلة فى الصين زى نظام التعليم و الاكل. دول اكتر حاجتين عجبونى فى الصين. انما كوريا الجنوبية عجبنى المزيكا بتاعتهم و اللغة بردو كانت مميزة قوى. و فى الاستراحة كان فيه اكل كورى. كان طعمه عادى، بس شكله كان غريب. و بعد البريك عرفنا اسرار تقدم البرازيل فى الاقتصاد رغم اختلاف الناس فيها. و الهند كان فيه اغانى هندى و المتاحف اللى هناك جميلة جدا بس للاسف مقدرتش احضر جنوب افريقيا لان الوقت كان اتأخر بس انبسطت باليوم جدا و ضحكت جدا.

At the end of each week, I definitely think about something new to do. And I happened to hear about an event put on by a group of young people called “Eng Break.” The name of the event is Litarafo (“So You Can Become Acquainted”). I liked the name and asked them what they would do at the event. They said that they would talk about different countries so we could get to know their cultures and civilizations. And the countries were Brazil, South Korea, China, India, and South Africa. I liked that, as I love traveling and stuff. I went to the event, which was amazing in my opinion. The place they chose was an historical place called the Sultan Al-Ghuri Complex. At the gate, you register. Then they give you a ticket like a plane ticket, and on it is one of the countries they will talk about. And they stamp it for you at the desk. And they have arranged the chairs like on a plane. And your seat is written on your ticket. Even though they started a little late, I enjoyed it. I saw Chinese people, and one of them turned out to know Arabic. And we learned lovely things about China like the education system and food. These were the two things I liked the most about China. But for South Korea, I liked their music, and their language is very interesting, too. And during the break, there was Korean food. It tasted good, but it looked strange. And after the break, we learned the secrets of Brazil’s economic progress despite the differences between its citizens. And for India, there were Indian songs and museums there were fabulous. But unfortunately, I couldn’t attend South Africa because it was late, but I really enjoyed the day and laughed a lot.


  1. Absolutely brilliant resources. I love the slower version because I understand 80/85 percent when it’s slower. Gives me confidence, hopefully I’ll be able to listen quicker with more and more exposure.

  2. I am so enjoying the Arabic Diaries series– as well as the rest of the site. My Egyptian Arabic is improving. Next time I go to Egypt, inshaAllah, I might be able to communicate better.

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