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Simple pleasures can make us the happiest. Ayat tells us about a great day she had with her little sister.

النهارده كان يوم جميل علشان انا و اختى الصغيره نزلنا نتفسح. النهارده كان اجازه فا انا على طول استغليت الفرصه و رحت فاجئت اختى و قلتلها: يلا بينا نخرج نتفسح. هى اول لما سمعت الكلمه السعاده بانت على وشها و ردت عليا بكل حماس :”ماشى انا موافقه”. اتفقنا انا و هى على التفاصيل بتاعة الفسحه دى و قررنا اننا نروح الجنينه اللى فى الحى بتاعنا. جهزنا كل حاجه انا و اختى. لبسنا و جهزنا شنطه فيها ازازة مايه و ازازة عصير مانجا و شوية سندوتشات و كوبايتين فاضيين و شوية فلوس و علبة مناديل. بعد كده اتمشينا لحد الجنينه. و لما وصلنا دفعنا رسوم الدخول مكانتش غاليه، كانت عباره عن جنيه واحد للفرد. دخلنا بقى الجنينه و اخترنا مكان كويس نقعد فيه. الجنينه كان فيها شجر عالى و ورد الوانه جميله. كان فيه ورد ابيض و ورد احمر و ورد بمبى و ورد اصفر, و الالوان دى كانت عامله منظر تحفه و مخليه الجنينه شكلها حلو اوى. طبعا اختى الصغيره كانت مبهوره بالورد جدا، حتى من قبل ما ندخل الجنينه. فضلنا قاعدين حوالى تلات ساعات. و بعدين سبنا الجنينه و مشينا. و فى السكه للبيت اشترينا جيلاتى لينا احنا الاتنين. هى اختارت طعم المانجه و الفانيليا و انا اخترت طعم الفراوله و الشيكولاته. انا اتبسطت اوى النهارده علشان كنت سبب فى سعادة اختى الصغيره. بجد كانت فرحانه و متحمسه جدا. اما انا فا كنت فرحانه و متحمسه اكتر منها بكتير.

Today was a great day because my younger sister and I had a picnic. It’s a holiday today, so I took the opportunity and surprised my sister and said to her, “Let’s go on a picnic.” As soon as she heard my words, happiness was clear on her face, and she answered me enthusiastically, “Okay, I’m in.” She and I agreed on the details of this picnic, and we decided to go to the park in our neighborhood. My sister and I prepared everything. We got dressed and prepared a bag with a bottle of water, a bottle of mango juice, some sandwiches, two empty cups, some money and a pack of tissues [napkins]. After that, we walked to the park. When we arrived, we paid the entry charge. It wasn’t expensive–just one Egyptian pound for each person. We entered the park and chose a good place to sit down. There are tall trees in the park and flowers with beautiful colors. There were white flowers, red flowers, pink flowers, and yellow flowers. And these colors made for a great view, and they made the park look very beautiful. Of course, my little sister was very amazed by the flowers, even before we entered the park. We stayed for about three hours. After that, we left the park. On our way home we bought some ice cream for the two of us. She chose mango and vanilla, and I chose strawberry and chocolate. I was very happy today because I was a reason for the happiness of my little sister. Honestly, she was really happy and very excited. But I was much happier and more excited than her.

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