How do I download my file(s)?

After you purchase Anki flashcards from Lingualism, you can download the files in your order from three places:

  • order confirmation page: Immediately after your order is processed, you will be taken to an order confirmation page where you will find the download links.
  • confirmation email: You should also receive a confirmation email with the same download links. Note that you must be logged into the Lingualism website for the links to work; otherwise, you will receive the error message ‘This is not your download link.’
  • your account page: You can always find the links to download files for past orders on your account page.

How do I import the file to the Anki app?

Anki deck files end in the extension .apkg. The .apkg file has been compressed (zipped) in order to download safely. You will see that the file extension ends in .zip. You first need to decompress (unzip) the file, as you cannot import a compressed (.zip) file into the Anki application. How do you decompress a file? It depends on the operating system and program* it uses for decompressing (unzipping) files, but this is often a matter of double-clicking on the .zip file.

*If you download the file with Safari on a Mac, the default setting is to decompress the file automatically upon download.

Once the file is decompressed, it will end in the file extension .apkg (rather than .zip).

You are now ready to import the .apkg file to your Anki application. This can normally be done by double-clicking on the file. You can also open the Anki application, and go to IMPORT.

Anki flashcards available from Lingualism:

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