Getting Started

Even if you only want to use Anki on your smartphone or tablet, you need to download your Anki decks purchased from Lingualism to your desktop or laptop computer first. From there, you can sync your decks from the desktop Anki application to the application on your mobile device.


Sign up for a free account on This will allow you to upload your data from your desktop app to the AnkiWeb cloud and from there, sync the data to your mobile device.

Mobile App

Download the Anki app to your mobile device. The Android app is free. Click here to view (and download if you are now on your mobile device). The iOS (iPhone/iPad) app is available for purchase in the Apple App Store. (I’m not sure why one is free and the other is $24.99. Understand that this app is not from Lingualism. This is the official app from the developers of the Anki app.)


In your desktop Anki app, click on SYNC and enter your AnkiWeb ID and password to upload your data to your cloud account. Do the same on your mobile app, and if prompted, force a oneway download. You will now have the same Anki decks which are installed on your desktop app on your mobile app. Be sure to sync up to the cloud when you’ve finished studying on your mobile device and then sync down from the cloud on your desktop app before you use the desktop app again. Otherwise, you will have different study histories on each device and you will later have to choose which to keep the next time you sync.

No Sharing, Please!

The materials in the Anki decks sold by Lingualism are copyrighted. When you purchase an Anki deck from us, you have a personal license. That is, you alone can use the Anki decks. Sharing the decks with others is an intellectual property violation and may place yourself open to legal action. Syncing through your AnkiWeb cloud account keeps the deck private, but be sure not to share the deck publicly.  Thank you!

Anki Flashcards Available from Lingualism:

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