I’m happy to announce we’ve added fifteen new Modern Standard Arabic Readers to our catalog. These are translations of the Levantine Arabic Readers series. Along with the adaptations from the Egyptian series, this brings the total number of readers in the Modern Standard Arabic series to thirty! Lots of great reading practice with fun stories at an intermediate level and professionally recorded audio to accompany them. And of course, if you’re already at an intermediate level in MSA and are now turning your focus toward Levantine Arabic, using the books in tandem (the same book in MSA and Levantine Arabic together) can help you decipher the spoken language and see how it differs from MSA by comparing the texts as you read.

The new books are available separately as PDF eBooks or in a discounted bundle called Modern Standard Arabic Reader Bundle 2 (while Bundle 1 consists of the Egyptian adaptations). The books are also available in paperback on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the new materials. Please consider leaving star ratings and review on their product pages. That really does help and is much appreciated!


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