I’m happy to announce we’ve added fifteen new Modern Standard Arabic Readers to our catalog. These are translations of the Levantine Arabic Readers series. Along with the adaptations from the Egyptian series, this brings the total number of readers in the Modern Standard Arabic series to thirty! Lots of great reading practice with fun stories at an intermediate level and professionally recorded audio to accompany them. And of course, if you’re already at an intermediate level in MSA and are now turning your focus toward Levantine Arabic, using the books in tandem (the same book in MSA and Levantine Arabic together) can help you decipher the spoken language and see how it differs from MSA by comparing the texts as you read.

The new books are available separately as PDF eBooks or in a discounted bundle called Modern Standard Arabic Reader Bundle 2 (while Bundle 1 consists of the Egyptian adaptations). The books are also available in paperback on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the new materials. Please consider leaving star ratings and review on their product pages. That really does help and is much appreciated!



  1. This is great news. Will you be translating the MSA reader series (those that are not in Levantine Arabic) and Egyptian reader series (those that are not in Levantine Arabic) into Levantine Arabic anytime soon? Thanks.

    1. I’d like to know this as well! The readers have been of enormous value in helping me to improve my Arabic and I’d love to see more of them. I’d also love to see the ones that are already available translated into the different dialects. They really are superb.

      1. I’m glad to hear you like the readers! (Please leave star ratings!) I don’t plan to translate the Egyptian ones to Levantine and vice versa, but I do hope to publish some more reading materials in the coming year–some short stories and/or short novels.

        1. Excellent news! The Arabian Nights, in particular, sounds like a fantastic idea. I’d be the first in line to buy something like that. The Arabic readers have accelerated my knowledge of the language in a way that I had previously not thought possible. They are easily some of the best Arabic language materials currently available. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into producing them. I look forward to more being published.

    2. No, we won’t be making Levantine versions of the stories originally written in Egyptian Arabic. It might be odd or confusing to have stories set in Egypt in Levantine Arabic. I’d rather produce other original stories. I’ve been thinking about doing ‘Arabian Nights’, which could have versions in Levantine, etc.

  2. Are there plans to develop an Iraqi version of the Haki kill yoom/Kalaam kull yoom series. I enjoyed the Levantine and Egyptian versions a lot and would love to see versions in other Arabic dialects.

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