We’ve just published the first two eBooks in a new series named “Random,” and as the name implies, each book is a collection of unrelated sentences at the given level, with audio and English translations. Simple concept–and the idea is to provide lots of language in digestible chunks that you can study according to your needs and preferences.

The plan is to have, at first, two books at each level. So, we so far have Books 1 and 2 for MSA A1-level. We’re just finishing up the two books for the A2 level, so they should be available soon. (Check catalogue of presently available books in the series below.)

We plan to also have B1 and B2 level books, with increasingly complex sentences and vocabulary appropriate for those levels, of course.

We’re also busy getting Egyptian Arabic versions done. (The audio is currently being recorded.)

Other dialects? Possibly Levantine (Lebanese or Syrian) in the coming months. Perhaps Tunisian eventually.

Other languages? Yes, after the MSA and Egyptian series are complete, I’ll be turning my attention to getting the lists of sentences translated and recorded in various languages. Please let me know if you have requests.

Print versions? I may publish the books in paperback on Amazon, but initially they’ll be available as PDF eBooks here on Lingualism.com.

Anki flashcards? Yes, later on, after I’ve had more feedback from the books and audio.

Premium audio (audio with English translations)? I’m looking into this option. Perhaps later in the year.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the series in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for your great job with Random series!! I just bought Russian and Ukrainian Version of this series. This is what I wanted!! PDF can be easily used with a smartphone, because the size of fonts is big enough. So I can use this pdf like flash card. Repetition of vocabularies, simpleness of sentences, conversation friendliness are all good. And the price is also user friendly ^^. I feel I can continue using without any difficulties.
    It would be great if you could publish this series in HEBREW and hopefully TAIWANESE(台語)^_^. I think this series can work a lot for learners of minor languages, which don’t have many learning materials.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! I’d love to add more languages to the series… not sure which ones and when. But please give star ratings to the ones you’ve used. Reviews really do help drive sales and allow me to keep making more of these products. Thanks! –Matthew

  2. Looking forward to more of these! Hopefully the Tunisian dialect and as the last commenter said – Taiwanese Mandarin (with traditional Chinese characters)! Amazing work. 🙂

  3. Dear Matthew Aldrich and the Lingualism staff
    I would love for you to have more the following would be created Random Series


    RANDOM PALESTINIAN?? AND SYRIAN?? ARABIC (a collection like MSA,Lebanese and Egyptian)
    RANDOM WELSH ???????

    1. Love the Russian and Arabic
      I would be absolutely delighted to see French German ,IItalian and Romanian appear as I have studied these over the years.
      Having a similar set of useful model sentences in each language would be a massive boost .

  4. Hello Matthew,

    I was wondering of you had more Lebanese Arabic in the pipeline, as compared to the Egyptian. ímore precisley I mean books like “Talk like an Egyptian” “Egyptian letters” or the Big book of Egyptian verbs. Thank you for your answer and for your efforts .

    Regards, Laszlo

    1. Hi Laszlo! Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We’re definitely planning to put out more materials in Lebanese Arabic. Currently, we’re working on Anki flashcards to accompany the Haki Kill Yoom books. We don’t have plans specifically to make Lebanese versions of the Egyptian books you mentioned, but we’ll be exploring ideas for more resources in the coming year. –Matthew

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