Arabic vs. Arabic: A Dialect Sampler

Arabic vs. Arabic: A Dialect Sampler

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Compare the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar of MSA and 14 Arabic dialects (Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, Sudanese, Egyptian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Qatari, Bahraini, Saudi, and Yemeni Colloquial Arabic) to get a better understanding of just how similar and different these varieties of Arabic are from each other.

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If you’re learning Arabic, you’ve probably started with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Or perhaps a dialect? You might be learning both MSA and a dialect (or two!) in tandem. And you’re certainly aware that there are many more dialects out there. It may seem daunting. But just how similar and different are they from one another? If you’re curious, this book is for you.

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Arabic vs. Arabic: A Dialect Sampler lets you explore the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar of 15 varieties of Arabic (14 dialects and MSA) through tables with notes and free, downloadable accompanying audio. You can go through the tables in order or skip around the book to see what catches your attention. The book really is meant to be a sampler platter to give you a taste of each dialect and a better understanding of just how varied the various varieties of Arabic are. The layout encourages the self-discovery method of learning. While the notes under many tables identify points of interest, you are encouraged to find patterns, exceptions, innovative features of dialects, and universals by studying the tables and listening to the audio tracks.

Algerian • Bahraini • Egyptian • Iraqi • Jordanian • Lebanese • Moroccan • MSA • Palestinian • Qatari • Saudi • Sudanese • Syrian • Tunisian  • Yemeni

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Arabic vs. Arabic: A Dialect Sampler

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Arabic Dialects: A Quick Glance

Just how many “Arabics” are there? How many varieties? It’s not a question with a straightforward answer. Arabic comprises of a continuum of dialects stretching over the entire Arab world—from northern Africa to western Asia.

7 reviews for Arabic vs. Arabic: A Dialect Sampler

  1. Louis


    Great product for all levels working on any dialect. This is the one of it’s kind. I highly recommend this product!!

  2. Simone

    Thank you so much! Very helpful indeed

  3. Sercan


    This book is truly amazing. I can recommend it to anyone. Even if you’re learning a dialect where are many other resources available, like Egyptian Arabic, you should still consider to get this book anyway. This way you’ll be able to compare the dialect you’re learning to other dialects and MSA. The accompanying Anki Flashcard Decks are amazing as well. The book covers a basic knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, even for Arabic dialects which barely got resources online. So if you’re looking forward to learn an uncommon dialect, like for example Yemeni Arabic or Bahraini Arabic, then you should definitely get this book.

  4. Fan

    Fan (verified owner)

    Good for get to know something about various Arabic dialects. But the scope is limited.

  5. Danielle


    This is a great book to introduce yourself to the dialects, it lets you compare between the dialects and MSA in the easy to follow tables used. The range of information is limited so if you are wanting to fully develop your knowledge on one particular dialect then you would need further resources, but as an introductory tool I can’t fault this book too much. Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to get an insight into any of the dialects included in the book.

  6. Rima

    Rima (verified owner)

    Wow, this is incredible work. The thought that went into make this type of resource is truly a work of art. Some of the dialects covered in these books barely have any resources online. I’m so impressed with the range of dialects covered in this book. And the fact that there’s accompanying audio so that you can actually hear the native speakers… This type of resource is so difficult to find, this package is so underrated. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Even for native Arabic speakers, there isn’t a single source where you can get access to all dialects in one organized compilation like this. I wish there was a whole dictionary like this!

  7. Fabio

    Fabio (verified owner)

    The book is perfect, the author had a really great idea to write something like this. The book is totally worth 5 stars, but I only gave 4 because it doesn’t include the Kuwaiti dialect, which happens to be the one I’m more interested in, unfortunately. All in all, it’s a good purchase nonetheless.

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