Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs

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Over 80 verb tables offer model conjugations for practically any verb, including the more than 1,000 verbs presented in the indexes. Pronunciation and the grammar surrounding verbs is also dealt with in detail.

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  • Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs is an invaluable reference for learners.
  • A pronunciation guide details the sounds of the language, the rules for stress and other sound changes that occur during conjugation.
  • 83 verb tables offer model conjugations for practically any verb, including the more than 1,000 verbs presented in the indexes.
  • Four indexes (verbs by conjugation table, phonemic transcription, Arabic script, and English translations) make locating any verb’s corresponding conjugation table quick and effortless.
  • An extensive grammar reference explains how and when to use each verb tense through numerous examples, and contains tables for adding object pronoun suffixes to verbs.
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Revised Edition with New Audio

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs was first published in 2012 with the cover seen here. The audio tracks only covered a few tables as examples. The revised edition has several minor changes, including the correction of typos. The newly recorded audio tracks include all conjugation tables as well as the pronunciation and grammar sections.

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Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs

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6 reviews for Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs

  1. Jim

    This book is amazing! Before I got mine my head was literally swimming in verbs. I would sit there trying to talk with my Egyptian friends but would stammer endlessly as I tried to think up the correct way to conjugate a verb. Using this book has dramatically improved my speaking ability and comprehension of Egyptian Arabic. Thank you so much!

  2. loick

    As well as presenting useful tips on the basis grammar of ECA verbs system, which differs a little from MSA, this books provides the reader with the tables of every verb pattern and shows exemples of actual used verbs for each conjugation category : imperative, present, past etc. Used with the records, I can only recommend it to anyone interested in mastering egyptian verbs system.

  3. Peter

    Peter (verified owner)

    Excellent overview book, very helpful for getting your head straight!

  4. Mudasser

    Mudasser (verified owner)

    I have spent days and weeks searching for materials on Egyptian Arabic and have come across numerous books, but the material here on lingualism is just amazing. The author has done a fantastic job in organizing the contents into different books. So far, I have purchased three books: “Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs Conjugation Tables and Grammar” from here on, and “Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary” & “The Big Fat Book of Egyptian Arabic Verbs” from Google Play Store.

    If you are new to Arabic, then these books are not for you. In order to take advantage of these books, you are expected to know Modern Standard Arabic, at least 30 to 40 study-hours. If you have done so, I would highly recommend these books.

    Thank you Matthew Aldrich for producing such great and helpful material. I would vote for another book of Egyptian Arabic: Collocation/Idioms/Phrasal Verbs.

  5. Nemeth

    Nemeth (verified owner)

    This book is absolutely fantastic. 27 pages about grammar including vowel rules and tense usage. With this book, I revisited my aging Mitchell Colloquial Arabic (from 1962, 1983), and after reading first the grammar section of this book by M Aldrich, and then I found the Mitchell book really stunning source of information, too. For example, Mitchell mentions in his book that the 3rd pers. sing. masc. pronominal suffix my be pronounced as -uh, which perfectly reasonable from an educated speaker mimicking MSA. Since the Aldrich book has excellent Arabic script the distinction of the meaning of [katabu], for example, for “they wrote” and “he wrote it” is clear. Of course, the Aldrich book is perfectly autonomous, it is the Mitchell book, which will have substantial “improvement” when having the Aldrich book at hand, too.

  6. Nemeth

    Nemeth (verified owner)

    The more I use this book, the more I love it. Pages 77 – 83 gave fantastic details and examples of the delicate phonetic rules when pronoun suffixes are added to verbs. This is very useful when we want to understand why a native speaker pronounces MSA verbs with suffixes the way she or he does. My observation is that native speakers cannot change fully their own native (colloquial) pronunciation practices when switching over to MSA.

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