Mido: In Modern Standard Arabic

Mido: In Modern Standard Arabic

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A2, B1


171 pages



Mido and his family invite you to join them on their everyday adventures in Cairo as you listen and read along, learning about life for modern Egyptians while improving your Modern Standard Arabic.

Ideal for young-at-heart adult intermediate and advanced learners of Arabic, this book contains 10 chapters of similar length (around 1,000 words each), along with illustrations, English translations, footnotes, and photographs.

This purchase includes three PDF eBook files:

  1. Mido in Modern Standard Arabic (the original with voweled texts)
  2. Mido in Modern Standard Arabic (with unvoweled texts)
  3. Mido in Modern Standard Arabic Glossary (vocabulary lists by page and alphabetically)

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The stories in Mido: In Modern Standard Arabic are light-hearted and easy to follow, but also engaging, all the while providing excellent reading practice in Modern Standard Arabic for students who are perhaps not ready to tackle Arabic literature.

The first chapter serves as an introduction to Mido and his family, as we take a peak at the household’s typical morning. Mido’s father, mother, brother, and sister each feature in a chapter showing a day in their lives. And Mido, our hero, stars in the remaining chapters.

The Arabic texts appear on even-numbered pages, while the English translations can be found on the following odd-numbered pages along with cultural and language notes, as well as photographs.

Dozens of beautiful illustrations can be found throughout the book to help the reader better understand the texts. Professionally recorded audio is available to stream or download free of charge.

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Mido: In Modern Standard Arabic

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4 reviews for Mido: In Modern Standard Arabic

  1. francesco

    very good

  2. Margaret

    Margaret (verified owner)

    This book is what’s needed for learners in their struggles to move to the Intermediate level. While there are intermediate level readings to be found, these are still a big jump for the advanced beginner. I am on a journey with Mido, and the presence of vowels, transcript and audio is invaluable. Thanks Matthew for your great resources for learners of MSA. شكرًا جزيلًا

  3. Fan

    Fan (verified owner)

    I will also purchase this series in different dialects and it will be beneficial to compare them

  4. Kenneth


    I’ve got the MSA, Lebanese, Egyptian and Tunisian versions and absolutely love them. It’s a great way to get used to the different version of spoken Arabic. It is difficult to find learning material for the different varieties of Arabic other than MSA and Egyptian so thanks to the Lingualism team for the initiative. I hope one day there will be an Iraqi or Emirati version or, who knows, a Persian version. I would buy them immediately!

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