Talk Like an Egyptian

Talk Like an Egyptian

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Learn key idiomatic expressions for sounding natural in Egyptian Arabic through in-depth explanations and contextual dialogues.

So, you’ve reached an intermediate level in Egyptian Arabic. You’re decent at conjugating verbs, you have a pretty impressive vocabulary… but you still don’t sound, well, like an Egyptian. What’s missing is that you’re still not comfortable with idiomatic expressions used in everyday communication by native speakers. Talk Like an Egyptian will help you sound more natural and use appropriate language by taking a closer look at language in context. Get ready to impress!

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The book is divided into six sections, each with a different theme, including ‘Addressing People,’ ‘Idioms with God,’ ‘Idioms with Numbers,’ among others.

Each section consists of dozens of segments focusing on high-frequency idiomatic expressions and essential words used by Egyptians in everyday language.

In the segments, you will find:

  • detailed explanations of the literal and actual meanings, tips on proper usage, background information, and cultural notes
  • short dialogues that show the target language being used in context
  • translations of the dialogues
  • bonus information and footnotes (in gray boxes)
  • references to the corresponding audio tracks

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Talk Like an Egyptian

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Key Egyptian Arabic Expression: ูƒูุฏู‡ kida

ูƒูุฏู‡ is likely the most quintessentially Egyptian word there is. Not only is it very high frequency in everyday speech, but it is unique to the Egyptian Arabic dialect. ูƒูุฏู‡ is related to the Modern Standard Arabic word ู‡ูƒุฐุง like this but takes on a range of idiomatic meanings on its own and in phrases.

4 reviews for Talk Like an Egyptian

  1. Ahmad

    Ahmad (verified owner)

    A great book that I, a teacher of Egyptian Arabic, find very useful for both teachers and students.

  2. Gil

    Gil McKinnon (verified owner)


  3. Ameena


    This is a fantastic book! All kinds of common expressions and uses of the language that might go over your head ..if u didn’t know them.
    I had a lot of fun going though this book with a friend. So many very useful and essential expressions in Egyptian Arabic..highly recommended! Must have for intermediate/ advanced learners.

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September 22, 2022
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