The News in Egyptian Arabic

The News in Egyptian Arabic

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PDF eBook


A2, B1


210 pages



YouTuber Arabic teacher Ahmad ElKhodary presents 25 interesting news stories from around the world for reading and listening practice and discussion.

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Each unit is organized as follows:

  • The Main Text (without tashkeel)
  • Key Words (with a translation matching exercise)
  • The Article (with tashkeel)
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Expressions and Structures (a multiple-choice exercise)
  • Answer Key (with an English translation of the article, and the article in phonemic transcription)
  • Notes (a lined page for you to take notes at the end of each unit)

The language of the media in Egypt is Modern Standard Arabic. But this only means that the news is published in MSA; Egyptians still discuss news topics in Egyptian Arabic, and this is where this book comes into play. The News in Egyptian Arabic will expose you to a variety of topics that take you beyond everyday vocabulary and help you discuss the news and express yourself intelligently in natural, spoken Arabic.

The materials in this book are suitable for independent learners and those studying with the guidance of a teacher. The articles are each presented in several formats to help you with your learning goals.

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The News in Egyptian Arabic

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6 reviews for The News in Egyptian Arabic

  1. Dirk


    Though I am learning Fusha and some Levantine Arabic, I decided to purchase the paper version of “The News in Egyptian Arabic”. Especially as I use a lot of audio material, and many books from other publishing houses often have a very limited number of audio recordings going along with the reading material. And this book is excellent both in regard to the audio material and in many other ways, as you have an article as it would appear in a newspaper, without tashkeel, then keywords and definitions, the text with tashkeel, questions you can use for discussions with your teachers, some useful expression and finally the translations in addition to the recordings of the text and the keywords! This makes it possible to work on a chapter in different ways, e.g. listen to it first, work on the key words, listen to it again. Or you start off reading without tashkeel, then listen to it, and slowly work your way through the other way . And as you have the translations, you don’t need to spend hours on looking up words in dictionaries- something I have done a lot in recent months. All in all a perfect book to make yourself familiar with different kinds of news items you would come across in BBC Arabic or Al Jazeera. I just wish there were a version in Fusha (maybe using the same articles and just record the audio in Fusha??).

  2. prashant

    prashant (verified owner)

    This book is just excellent even though i have not started yet. I have glanced through the contents and i can say that this book deserves a well praise. There is no other teacher other than Ahmed who teaches Egyptian dialect regularly and consistently. It is well recommended for those who are bored of going through the pain of reading MSA which is too difficult because of it’s complexity. Thanks a lot for this book.

  3. Pascal


    An excellent book I’ve just purchased. I really enjoy the recordings.

  4. Amin


    There is an uncomfortable place in learning Arabic, where you have surpassed the “beginners” stuff like reading, albeit slowly, but are not quite ready yet to understand the news on TV. If you are like me, you´ve also had enough of reading religious texts, or children’s stories.

    If so, this book is filling the gap and will be exactly what you will be needing. I’ve been waiting for this book! Given all the explanations and audio, and exercises, I couldn’t be happier than with this book. Arrived in no time, and I haven’t been so excited to study in a long time. In fact, you don’t have the feeling you are studying, but reading the news, and that’s all language learning should be: Fun.

    Unfortunately for me, it is Egyptian Arabic, I would loved to get MSA News – but the audio can be downloaded in MSA, so that is really helpful as well..

    Thank you for this book.

    Update June 2021:

    I am now nearly through with the whole book – one story a week was my goal. My satisfaction has only grown working through the book. The stories are interesting and diverse, from insect populations over the “Corona Burger” to living trends. The book is now scribbled full with my notes, and still in good condition, no loose leaves or ripped cover, so very good quality. The exercises in the book are short and helpful, like going through vocabulary before going in a story, and interesting questions to discuss and talk about. I only wish parts of the book would be colorful. Otherwise, I couldn´t be happier.

    • Lingualism


      Thank you for the review, Amin. I’m glad the book is useful for you.

      And just to clarify for others, Amin is referring to the print book available on Amazon. On, we only sell the downloadable PDF eBook, which is in color.

  5. Gil

    Gil (verified owner)


  6. Ghol

    Ghol (verified owner)

    I’ve just purchased The News in Modern Standard Arabic and The News in Egyptian Arabic much earlier in PDF format, and I’m kind of disappointed that the PDF versions of these two E-books aren’t searchable in Arabic, and the characters are broken or aren’t stuck together while searching the PDF.

    Please set a standard for your E-books, such as “Arabic Learner’s Dictionary,” and consider fixing the problem.

    Warm regards

    • Lingualism


      I’m sorry the Arabic isn’t searchable. It works better in the Arabic Learner’s Dictionary because the Arabic does not have diacritics (tashkeel). All PDF formatting seems to have issues with diacritics and will not copy-paste or search correctly. I’ve experimented and researched this previously to find a solution, but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a solution. You should actually contact Adobe and request they fix this problem. 🙂 I’d like the text to be searchable, as well.

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