Glossary for Mido in Arabic

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When I put together the Mido books, I didn’t include glossaries of the Arabic vocabulary found in the book because I opted to include page-by-page English translations instead. My intention was to encourage the reader interpret each sentence by finding its translation rather than interrupt the reading experience by having to flip to a glossary and translate word by word. I think there’s a lot of value in this, as it forces us to think about meaning in chunks and in context. Of course, the translations are not literal, so it is not always possible to figure out the meaning of each individual word.

Since putting out the books, I have received feedback from many requesting a glossary to supplement the texts. I hear you and am happy to offer printable glossaries free of charge for the Mido books. Check the status of the glossary project for each version of Mido below.

Egyptian Glossary

MSA Glossary

Levantine Glossary

Tunisian Glossary

Sorry. A Tunisian glossary is currently not available. Be sure you’re on our Arabic mailing list to be informed if a Tunisian glossary for Mido becomes available in the future.