Mido: In Egyptian Arabic

Free: Egyptian Arabic Glossary PDF

Mido: In Levantine Arabic

Free: Levantine Arabic Glossary PDF

Mido: In Modern Starndard Arabic

Free: MSA Glossary PDF

Mido: In Tunisian Arabic

A Tunisian glossary is currently not available. Be sure you're subscribed to our newsletter to be informed if a Tunisian glossary for Mido becomes available in the future.


  1. This is an amazing resource. I am using the Egyptian Arabic version as that is what I need. It is explaining to me all sorts of expressions that I deal with receptively but cant (to date) dare to use myself when speaking with Egyptians. Maybe I’ll use them now that I understand them better. After all, that is how people talk, literally. Thanks to the designers! Please keep up the fantastic work.

  2. I bought the printed Mido book in Tunisian. It is a great and rare resource I can find to learn Tunisian! I am looking forward to the glossary of it, I believe it will be a great help!

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