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What happens when it rains in Cairo? Yomna tells us about the changing weather patterns in Egypt.

اهلاً بيكم. الدنيا مطرت امبارح. طول الليل سامعينها بتمطر. صحينا الصبح، لاقينا الشوارع غرقانه. اخدت وقت طويل جداً الصبح عشان آخد قرار ان احنا ننزل شغلنا و انزل الولاد المدرسه. للاسف اصبح نزول المطر عندنا بيسبب ازمه و حالة فوضى عامه فى الشوارع. و ممكن كمان لا قدر الله تحصل حوادث عربيات احنا مكناش كده. لكن واضح انه مع تغير حالة الطقس عامة على مستوى العالم، فا حصل تغييرات فى شكل الحاله الجويه فى مصر. يعنى احنا زمان كنا نعرف انه مصر جوها معتدل فى الصيف و دافى فى الشتا. انما حالياً اصبح الصيف شديد الحراره و الرطوبه، و اصبح الشتا شديد البروده. و الامطار لما بتحصل بتكون تقيله جداً، و بتتكرر كتير. و برضه احنا عشان مش معتادين على ده، فا شوارعنا مبتبقاش مستعده لاستقبال كميات المطر دى. بس خلينى ابص للجانب المشرق. برضه نزول المطر بينضف الدنيا. بحس انه الشجر لونه زاهى، المبانى بتكون نضيفه. الشوارع لو مفيهاش برك ميه فا بتكون برضه نضفت. هو عامة حالة الجو اصبحت مختلفه عن زمان كتير. و لو برضه هنبص للجانب المشرق، هنلاقى انه لو جنبنا شهر اغسطس اللى بيكون الجو فيه حار جداً، و الايام اللى بيحصل فيها المطر الشديد فى الشتا، هنلاقى انه جو مصر يظل من الاجواء الجميله جداً. اللى ممكن الواحد يستمتع فيها بالخروج فى اى وقت. شكراً.

Hello! It rained yesterday. All night we could hear it raining. We got up in the morning and found the streets drenched. It took me a very long time this morning to decide to go to work and let the kids go to school. Unfortunately, rainfall has come to cause a crisis here and general chaos in the streets. And car accidents may happen too, God forbid. It wasn’t like this before. But apparently, with global climate change, the weather in Egypt has changed. Previously, we thought that Egypt’s weather was mild in the summer and warm in the winter. But now summer has become extremely hot and humid, and winter has become extremely cold. And the rain has become heavy and this happens over and over. Also, because we are not used to this, the streets here are not well prepared to consume this much water. But let me look at the bright side: Rain cleans everything. I feel the trees are greener, the buildings are cleaner. If the streets didn’t have puddles on them, they’d also be clean. Overall, the weather became so different from how it used to be. But, again, looking at the bright side, we’ll find, if we put aside August with its very hot weather and the days with the heavy rain in the winter, we can still find that the weather in Egypt is quite nice, so that one can enjoy going out anytime. Thanks!

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