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Has Spiderman moved to Cairo? How is he inspiring Egyptians without speaking a word?

سبايدر مان المصرى… ده اسم واحده من الصفحات اللى اشتهرت فى الفتره الاخيره على الفيس بوك. صاحبها شاب مصرى جميل اسمه عاطف. قرر انه يلبس الزى بتاع سبايدر مان و يحاول يرسم البسمه على وشوش الناس. بينزل للشوارع و الاماكن العامه. و تحديداً اماكن تجمعات الاطفال زى المدارس. و بيتصور مع الناس و الاطفال. و احياناً بيوزع عليهم هدايا من غير مقابل. على صفحته بيحط صوره مع الناس اللى قابلهم. او بيحط صور كوميديه ليه بتعبر بطريقه ظريفه عن معاناة الحياه اليوميه فى مصر. زى مثلاً زحمه المترو او الجرى ورا اتوبيسات النقل العام! من غير ما يكتب حاجه، صوره بتكون معبره اكتر من الف كلمه… و بتدحك! 
اللى فكرنى بيه ان الاسبوع ده هتبدأ الجوله التانيه من الانتخابات البرلمانيه فى مصر (انتخابات مجلس الشعب). و كنت قاعد فى يوم على الفيس بوك، من حوالى شهر كده، ايام ما كانت الجوله الاولى من الانتخابات شغاله. و شفت بوست ظريف جداً على صفحته. البوست كان عباره عن ان سبايدر مان قرر يدخل انتخابات البرلمان! 
نزل سبايدر مان الشارع، و عمل حمله انتخابيه جامده جداً. و لم حواليه اهل حتته، و اتصور معاهم صور كتير، و عمل فيديوهات حلوه اوى عن الحمله الانتخابيه. 
و علشان انا على نياتى شويه صدقت بجد انه ممكن يدخل البرلمان و فرحت جداً. و خصوصاً ان رأيى السياسى مش مع البرلمان الجاى ده اوى. او بمعنى اصح، مش مع البرلمان الجاى ده خالص!
 طلع الموضوع مجرد هزار. بس كنت اتمنى ينزل الانتخابات فعلاً، و كنت هنزل انتخبه اكيد. لان الوضع السياسى فى مصر دلوقتى مش اكتر من نكته كبيره!
 و يمكن البرلمان مع سبايدر مان مكانش هيعمل حاجه للناس برضه، لان ايد لوحدها متسقفش. بس ع الاقل كان هيكون دمه خفيف شويه!

Egyptian Spiderman… This is the name of a page that got famous recently on Facebook. Its owner is a nice, young Egyptian man called Atef. He decided to wear the costume of Spiderman and try to draw a smile on people’s faces. He goes down streets and to public places, and especially places where children gather, like schools. And he takes pictures with people and children. And sometimes he passes out gifts to them with nothing in return. On his page, he puts his pictures with people he’s met. Or he puts comedic pictures of himself that express in a funny way the struggle of daily life in Egypt. Like for example, how crowded the subway is, or running after public transportation buses! Without writing anything, his pictures are more expressive than a thousand words… and make you laugh! What reminded me of him is that this week the second round of parliamentary elections (Elections for the People’s Council) in Egypt will begin. And I was sitting one day on Facebook, about a month ago, back when the first round of the elections was running. And I saw a very funny post on his page. The post was about Spiderman deciding to enter the elections for Parliament! Spiderman went down the street, and he made a very powerful election campaign. He gathered the people of his neighborhood around him, and he took a lot of pictures with them, and made very funny videos about the election campaign. And because I’m a bit naive, I really believed that he might get into Parliament, and I got really happy. And especially because my political opinion doesn’t support this coming Parliament much. Or more correctly, it does not support this coming parliament at all! It turned out to be just a joke. But I was hoping that he was really going to be in the elections, and I was going to vote for him, of course. Because the political situation in Egypt now is nothing more than a big joke! And maybe the Parliament with Spiderman wouldn’t do things for the people, either, because one hand cannot clap. But at least it would have been a bit funny!

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