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Alie and his friends have some plans for the upcoming vacation. What are they?

النهارده كان اخر يوم فى الامتحانات. طبعا كنت فرحان جدا انى هخلص امتحانات و اخد الاجازه، و اقدر اعمل كل اللى انا عاوزه فى الاجازه، خصوصا ان الترم كان صعب جدا. كان مليان امتحانات و واجبات كتيره كان الواحد بيخلصها بصعوبه. بعد لما خلصت الامتحان، اتصورت مع اصحابى صور للذكرى. و لعبنا بلاى ستيشن مع بعض. و بعد كده قعدنا نتفق هنعمل ايه النهارده. اتفقنا اننا نخرج ناكل مع بعض و نتمشى او نلعب بعد الاكل. بس قلنا الاول لازم نستريح، نروح البيت و ننام شويه. و بعد كده ننزل و عملنا كده و روحت البيت نمت شويه و بعد كده قابلت اصحابى و رحنا النادى طلبنا الاكل اللى احنا بنحبه و اكلنا و بعد كده شربنا عصير و اتصورنا و قعدنا فى النادى شويه نتكلم عن اللى هنعمله فى الاجازه. و كان فيه افكار جميله جدا سمعتها من اصحابى هحاول انفذها، زى مثلا تعلم لغه جديده او برنامج جديد و فيه اللى عاوز يسافر يستمتع بالجو فى اسكندريه او شرم الشيخ. بعد كده اتمشينا على كورنيش النيل. الجو كان جميل جدا اتمشينا كتير و الوقت عدى بسرعه. محستش بالوقت مع اصحابى. استمتعت جدا باليوم. و اتقفقت مع اصحابى اننا لازم نتقابل فى الاجازه. و بعد كده روحت البيت. و كنت تعبان جدا بعد يوم جميل جدا. غيرت لبسى و دخلت نمت بس كنت سعيد جدا انى خلصت امتحانات و الاجازه بدأت.

Today was the last day of exams. Of course, I was very happy that I’d finish my exams and have a vacation, and be able to do anything I wanted during the vacation, especially since the semester was so hard. It was full of exams and lots of homework that was hard to complete. After we had finished the exam, I took pictures with my friends for memory’s sake. Then we played PlayStation with each other. Then we sat around to make a plan for the day [lit. we sat to agree on what we’ll do today]. We agreed to go out to eat together and go for a walk or play after eating. But we decided we needed to rest first, so we went home and slept a bit. After that, I met my friends and we went to the [country] club, ordered food we like, We ate and drank juice, we took pictures and stayed at the club talking about what would we do during vacation. There were some great ideas I heard from my friends that I’ll try to carry out, such as learning a new language or program. And someone wanted to travel to enjoy the weather in Alexandria or Sharm al-Sheikh. After that, we went for a walk along the Nile Corniche [waterfront park]. The weather was so beautiful that we walked a lot, and time passed quickly. It just flew by for me with my friends. I really enjoyed the day. My friends and I agreed that we should meet over the vacation. Then I went home. I was so tired after a really nice day. I changed my clothes and went to bed. But I was very happy because I had finished exams and vacation had begun.

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