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Yomna and her sons broaden their cultural horizons.

ازيكو؟ المره دى خدت الولاد و رحنا اليابان. يعنى مش اليابان اوى بس قريب منها! و انا صغيره دايما كان بابايا يحكيلى على الشعوب و الحضارات و الفنون المختلفه. وده خلانى عندى دايما شغف ان انا اتعرف ع الحاجات دى. و لما ولادى ابتدوا يكبروا شويه، حبيت ان انا اشارك معاهم الشغف ده. قررنا نبتدى بالثقافه اليابانيه. خدنا بعض و رحنا قضينا يوم فى سفارة اليابان فى القاهره. اول حاجه دخلنا نجرب اللبس اليابانى. حمزه لبس و ظبط نفسه. و سلمان اتشجع لما شافه و لبس هو كمان. و اتصوروا صور جميله اوى. و من ساعتها فضل سلمان مده طويله جدا كل ما يشوف حد يقوله انا لبست اللبس اليابانى. كان فرحان اوى. بعدها كان فيه ورشة عمل لتعليم فن الاوريجامى و ده عباره عن فن طى الورق بطريقه تحوله لاعمال فنيه غايه فى الروعه. الورشه كانت معموله للمبتدئين و ده كان مناسب لسن حمزه. عملنا فيها فراشه و عملنا بوكيمون. حمزه كان مبسوط اوى بس سلمان كان قاعد يشخبط على الورق و ينزل تحت الترابيزات. يعنى الموضوع ده لسه كبير على سنه شويه و احنا ماشيين اخدنا معانا شوية مجلات جميله اوى بتتكلم عن الحياه و الثقافه اليابانيه. اليوم على بعضه كان ممتع لينا كلنا. و ان شاء الله ناويين نكرره قريب فى اماكن تانيه نشوفكو قريب فى مغامره جديده!

Hi! This time I took the boys and went to Japan. Well, not exactly Japan, but close! When I was little, my father used to tell me about different countries, people, traditions, and arts. This instilled in me a fondness to learn about these things. And when my kids grew up a little, I wanted to share this love with them. We decided to start with Japanese culture. We went and spent a day at the Japanese Embassy in Cairo. First, we tried on Japanese costumes. Hamza put one on. Salman was encouraged by his brother when he saw this and put one on, too. We got some really nice photos. For a long time after that, Salman kept telling everyone he would meet, “I wore a Japanese costume.” He was really overjoyed. After that, there was a workshop for Origami, which is the art of folding paper to make fascinating art pieces. The workshop was for beginners, which was adequate for Hamza’s age. We made a butterfly and a Pokémon. Hamza was so happy, but Salman was scribbling on paper and going under the tables. He was a bit too young for that activity. As we were leaving, we took a few really nice magazines that told about Japanese life and culture. All in all, the day was very delightful for all of us. God willing, we intend to do the same again in other places soon. See you soon on a new adventure!

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  1. These stories are very helpful in extending your vocabulary and also to get your ear trained to the spoken Egyptian language. I am a big fan of lingualism. It is wonderful to have a website with so much free material to immerse yourself in the language study.

    I can also recommend the books on offer which for little money provide many hours of studying.

    Thank you.

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