Palestinian Arabic Verb Conjugation Drills: Anki Flashcards (Set 3)

Palestinian Arabic Verb Conjugation Drills: Anki Flashcards (Set 3)

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Anki Flashcards


750 flashcards


A1, A2, B1

750 flashcards with audio. Use Anki’s SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximize your memorization of new vocabulary and sentence structures.

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Palestinian Arabic Verb Conjugation Drills Anki Flashcards includes cards for individual conjugations of common verbs, each with audio, in various tenses to help you learn, recognize, and master verb conjugations. 

This set covers 25 verbs, for a total of 750 conjugations.  Each card is presented twice (Arabic-English and English-Arabic) for a total of nearly 1,500 cards with audio. 

The deck is organized into sub-decks, so you can study specific verbs. It also comes with a PDF guide on how to best use the deck and Anki’s Custom Study Sessions to focus on specific persons and/or tenses.

  • أَكَل (eat)
  • اِتْعامَل (treat)
  • اِتْفادى (avoid)
  • اِتْمَنّى (hope)
  • اِسْتغْنى (do without)
  • اِسْتَنّى (wait)
  • اِنْضَمّ (join)
  • باع (sell)
  • حَكى (speak)
  • خَلَّص (finish)
  • رِكِب (ride)
  • زار (visit)
  • سَكَّر (close)
  • سِمِع (hear)
  • ضَلّ (stay)
  • قَتَل (kill)
  • قِدِر (be able to)
  • قَعَد (sit)
  • كَتَب (write)
  • لَمَس (touch)
  • مَشى (walk)
  • نام (sleep)
  • نِسي (forget)
  • وَقَّف (stop)
  • وِقِف (stand)


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