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Alaa is a language specialist and voice-over artist from Alexandria, Egypt. Learning the basics of eight different languages, she ended up being trilingual (Arabic-English-Turkish). She teaches these three languages and does voice-over work. See more...
Egyptian Arabic

Alaa in Nubia

Alaa falls in love with Nubia and its culture. But what about the crocodiles?

Arabic Misc.

Güncel Arapça-Türkçe Ortak Kelimeler

Türkçe diliyle ilk tanıştığımda… 2008 yılında İskenderiye Üniversitesinde ilk katıldığım Türkçe dersini hala hatırlıyorum. Aşağı yukarı 10 yıl oldu… ufak tefek ayrıntılarıyla o gün aklıma geliyor. ‘bakalım nasıl bir dil olacak’ diye düşünüp, o anda bize tuhaf gelen bazı harflerin seslerine gülüşüp, defterlerimize komik notlar aldığımızı bile hatırlıyorum. ‘A…anne’ … ‘Be- baba’ dan …. ‘Ke-

Egyptian Arabic

My Friend’s Big Day

Alaa’s best friend had to defend her thesis to receive her Master’s degree. Was she successful?

Alaa has collaborated on these Lingualism publications:

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My name is Alaa Abou El-Nour. I’m a freelance voice-over artist and Language Specialist from Alexandria, Egypt. Learning the basics of eight different languages, I ended up being a tri-lingual (Arabic-English-Turkish).

In addition to my experience teaching the Turkish language (since 2012) as a Certified Turkish Language Instructor from Yunus Emre institute in Ankara, I have also taught Arabic and English, (1500+ teaching hours).

Holding a Master’s degree in Turkish Linguistics applied on Arabic into Turkish Translation, and working on various multilingual voice-over projects since 2013 (1600+ published minutes), my passion for languages, phonetics, and VO continues to grow.

Courses I’ve taught:


  • Modern Standard Arabic
  • Quran oriented Arabic
  • Egyptian Colloquial Arabic


  • Turkish as a second language (A1-A2)
  • Customized Turkish for traveling purposes
  • Turkish phonetics & linguistics
  • Translation from and into Turkish
  • Conversational Turkish


  • English as a second language

Materials I use:

  • Customized Compiled Materials
  • Yunus Emre and Dilset (Turkish)
  • Lingualism products (Arabic)
  • And others…

For language services, courses or voice-over work in (Turkish/English/Arabic/Egyptian Colloquial), you can contact me via:

“Learning a new language is like putting on a new lens for the entire world... When you learn a new language your life experience expands, your mind thinks differently, you see new layers and dimensions for everything around you... My advice for anyone at any age is to never settle with one dimension... The human language is a real miracle and it’s worth diving into to discover its unlimited gems...”

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