Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards

Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards

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Over 4,500 flashcards with audio. Use Anki’s SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximize your memorization of new vocabulary.

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Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards presents all* of the 4,500+ words and phrases from the book, each presented twice (Arabic-English and English-Arabic) for a total of over 9,000 cards with audio.

* except a handful of sensitive and vulgar words

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9 reviews for Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards

  1. Kathy

    I love these!

  2. Tom

    Tom (verified owner)

    Maybe the best language learning resource I have ever found for any language, no exaggeration. Has completely reinvigorated my ammiya learning!

  3. Jess (verified owner)

    This is a great help for learning Lebanese dialect, great work. Lingualism has an excellent approach. I’ve been a language educator and course director for 20 years so I know a bit. Most publishers put out works to teach on a course, with fillers and lots of talk about the language. Lingualism puts out works which actually enable you to master an Arabic dialect.

    My criticism is that you need to learn the broken plurals as well, which means I have spent a long time making separate entries for these plurals.

  4. Sam


    Simply the best material you will find for learning amiyya remotely. Absolutely worth the purchase!

  5. Nina

    Nina (verified owner)

    Enjoying the materials very much. The books and flashcards are absolutely worth the purchase.

  6. Rommel

    Rommel (verified owner)

    I love flashcards as I have found them to be the best way for me to learn. These flashcards are very well done. My wife and I enjoy learning them and coming up with mnemonics together. This is my first time working with Anki so it’s been a bit of a learning curve for me for the first couple of days. My recommendation would be in the ordering of the decks. I have had to rearrange the order of the decks because I wanted to start with “Greetings and Common Expressions” first, then “Pronouns” and “Question Words”. Personally I think it makes sense, especially for the beginners, to have these as one of the first decks but instead I found them to be one of the last. Other than what I consider to be a bit of an inconvenience, I think this is probably one of the best materials out there on learning the Levantine Arabic dialect. Thank you very much for this product. I highly recommend it.

  7. Corey

    Corey (verified owner)

    Fantastic! I live in Beirut and have been learning Lebanese Arabic for about a year. As anyone studying Levantine Arabic knows, it’s very challenging to find resources. And since, technically, Lebanese, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Syrian (and the subsets of each) are all “Levantine”, it can be depressing to find out that what you’ve been learning is misunderstood in your new context.

    If you plan to speak with Lebanese people, this is a fantastic resource. More than 5,000 unique vocab items, each one with two way cards so you can study from Arabic->English or vice versa. Easy to work your way through piece by piece by simply moving new cards into your existing decks. All cards have both Arabic and transliterated Arabic (although I don’t like their transliteration system, so I quickly replace with my own) and fantastic pronunciation audio with a Lebanese accent… so you won’t end up getting laughed at for sounding too Syrian like I did when I first came here!

    Of course, if you learn the pronunciation differences between dialects and stay mindful that not every word will transfer, you could easily use this resource to speak with Syrians or Jordanians or Palestinians. Just keep in mind the audio may not be totally accurate and you will need to check with your friends to see if a word is commonly used in that region.

  8. Miles

    Miles (verified owner)

    As with all Lingualism products, I really love this. It’s very comprehensive, it makes memorization easy and comfortable, and it’s easy to use. However I just have one bad thing to say about it. I’m not sure why I even feel this way, but I really dislike the native speaker’s accent for this deck. It just is kind of uncomfortable to listen to. However that’s just my personal opinion, and it really doesn’t take away from the quality of it. If you are learning Levantine Arabic, this and the beginner’s dictionary are definitely some things you should get to help you study

  9. Philip


    I don’t like the fact that some important words and phrases come up to late in this deck.

    • Lingualism


      Hello Philip! I noticed that you left a review for this product even before purchasing it. I’d like to address your concern about the order of the vocabulary presented. The deck is actually based on a book that’s organized by topic, rather than by frequency of usage. However, you have the option to study specific topics at your own pace, rather than starting from the beginning of the book. To do this, you can create a custom study deck from the Anki home screen and select the option to study by “tag,” then choose the topic or chapter from the book that you want to focus on. For example, you could study only the verbs (which are located toward the back of the book) first. Additionally, you have the option to suspend all cards and manually select the ones you want to study first, or adjust the settings to study the deck in a random order (and “bury” cards that you feel are less important for the time being). I recognize that it may be helpful to have some tutorials on how to use the decks, so thank you for your feedback!

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