Comparative in Russian with Намного (much more)

This short video is about forming the comparative degree of Russian adverbs or adjectives when we need to show to what extent something is bigger, cheaper and so on.
When we need to show this we will use the following construction:
намного + comparetive degree (быстрее, больше, сильнее и т.д.)
meaning “much faster, bigger, stronger, etc.”
For example:
Эта машина намного быстрее.
This car is much faster.
Эта сумка намного дешевле.
This bag is much cheaper.
By the way, it might be interesting for you to learn that the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” is translated into Russian as Быстрее, Выше, Сильнее.
Thank you and good luck with you studies!
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