Moroccan Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards

Moroccan Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards

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Over 4,500 flashcards with audio. Use Anki’s SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximize your memorization of new vocabulary.

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Please, be sure you have the Anki app installed and are familiar with how to use it before you buy our Anki decks. Click on the icon for links to install the app. (Note: Lingualism is not the app developer. We merely sell decks (data files) that work with the app.)

Moroccan Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards presents all* of the 4,500+ words and phrases from the book, each presented twice (Arabic-English and English-Arabic) for a total of over 9,000 cards with audio.

* except for a handful of sensitive and vulgar words

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2 reviews for Moroccan Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: Anki Flashcards

  1. Miles

    Miles (verified owner)

    This is my fourth or fifth Lingualism purchase and as always, I’m very happy with it. I’ve never seen or heard of a product from this site that is bad.

    I do have one complaint though and that is the audio on just some words is less than ideal. It is still of great quality, but it’s just not as clear sounding as some of the other decks. For reference I also have ECAV and LCAV, which are also great. I also was surprised that this is the only deck that doesn’t have romanization on it. I’m not sure if that’s just because it was the first one that was made or because the Moroccan pronunciation is so unique and crowded sounding, making it hard to transcribe correctly. That’s not a big deal though, and it helps for getting used to Arabic script if you aren’t already.

    Other than that, this deck is awesome, and is more than worth it for anyone interested in this particular dialect. It really is an invaluable resource. Quality Moroccan resources like this are hard to find, so I hope that more will be added in the future like readers or situational books!

  2. Juan

    Juan (verified owner)

    The Tunisian and Moroccan Anki flashcards have become a central part of my efforts to learn Arabic. I enthusiastically recommend these resources (or their equivalents in other dialects) for anyone learning colloquial Arabic!

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